Commercial and Residential Roofing in Waleska, GA

Since 1965, Hanley Roofing Co. has made it our mission to provide safe, durable, and long-lasting roofs for home and business owners throughout the area. For every commercial and residential roofing project we complete, we’re not satisfied until we’re certain the customer is happy with the finished product. By keeping a roof over the heads of those in our community, we are able to make Waleska, GA, a more beautiful place one property at a time.

residential roofing with asphalt shingles

Trusted Across the United States

While we serve the local Atlanta area most frequently, we have also been trusted all across the United States for industrial and commercial roofing jobs. Each time we arrive at a site, we prepare our team to provide personalized solutions to the unique roofing needs that come along with your property. Hanley Roofing will always walk through your budget, deadlines, and the specific materials to be used before a single tool is picked up.

Why You Might Need a New Roof or Repairs

It might be time to call a residential roofing contractor if you’ve noticed wear and tear on your rooftop or shingles. As your home’s roof nears the end of its life span, paying for repair after repair can add up and even put your family in danger. Often, a total roof replacement is the better choice to make, but it’s important to have residential roofing experts to help you make that decision.

Hanley Roofing also takes on commercial and industrial roofing projects. From small local businesses to large chain factories, we want your property to last longer and your employees to be safe. Even a sturdy new roof might need repairs after a powerful storm hits the region—at the very least it’s a good idea to get a thorough inspection.

Call Now for a Quote

Whether you’ve been referred by a friend or stumbled upon our website in a frantic search, give us a call now for a quote on your residential roofing installation or repair. Across Cherokee County and beyond, Hanley Roofing is ready to serve.

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